When my husband, Ken and I decided to take our ranch to the internet I was amazed at how costly it was going to be to have a website designed to market our horses.  So I decided to do my own web design and to make it as affordable as possible to get other ranchers out there for marketing their animals on the internet.

The basic "building" of a website is what takes the time and imagination.  I am looking forward to working with new people to make their "dream" website a reality.

As far as rates are concerned I think a basic structure is the easiest:

Home Page:  $125.00

Additional pages: $100.00 each

This could include a stallion page or pages, mare or mares page(s), for sale, prospects, accomplishments, picture gallery, show schedule, history, around the farm, about us, links, kids, contacts,...really whatever you want to include we can do!

The domain registration and hosting is extra($160.00 payable yearly).

If you are interested in getting me to help you out with a new site please contact me or click on this pdf order form which might answer any other questions you have! 

Price breaks may be available on an individual customer basis (more pages=discount), please inquire for a quote!

Domain Name registration and hosting:

Also available even if I don't design your site!  The hosting is $140 per year and the domain registration is $20 per year.   Very reasonable and reliable with 99% uptime!  I will do the work for you but host on bluehost

Want a site you maintain yourself without having to buy additional software??

I have recently began working to provide my clients with websites that they can maintain by themselves!  This is exciting for most people as soon as they realize how easy and cost effective this new website format is to work in.  I use a well know platform (wordpress) and once we have the entire site filled in the client then gets a tutorial on how to maintain their new site.  Take a look at www.lakedell.org or www.pattenropehorses.com for examples of what we can do so you can look after your own site! There is no software to purchase and no additional design costs with this option but there is still the yearly domain name and hosting costs.

Site Maintenance:

Once you have decided that your site is "done" I will also maintain it for you as your herd expands, you sell animals, you get new animals, or you and your animals accomplish your goals.  I charge a flat rate of $25 per hour for these updates with a minimum of one hour.  With the exception of new pages which will be added for $75 per page.  The worst thing a person can do is let your site get out of date.  I have been so frustrated when looking at various sites only to see that the B>"foals" listed for sale are actually now 5 year olds!  So send in your new info and photos, a lot can be done for 20 or 40 dollars.

Site Reconstruction:

Tired of your old site?  Maybe you are one of those I mentioned that hasn't updated for 5 years or so?  Thinking of a revamp?  Let me help you out!  Contact me for a quote.

The Small Print:

All funds are in Canadian dollars and are subject to 5% GST. 

 Upon consultation we will arrive at an agreed upon amount for the building of the site and hosting/domain registration,  at this time a 50% deposit is payable.  The balance will be payable when the web site is fully published and both parties are satisfied.  If the remaining balance is forfeited the website will be removed from the host.


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